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The NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association) experts have thrown”cold water” on pest management schemes. This article will have a look at the”Proverbial Pipe Dream” of Hurricane Control and propose a practical solution. At present there a variety of various hurricane control proposals.

Hurricane control in the current context really means to weaken the hurricane force winds. In the Western North Pacific and the Philippines that the windstorms are called Typhoons. Wildlife Control Melbourne FL are windstorms in the Indian and South Pacific Ocean. After the sea temperature is about 80 degrees F (26 C) or a hurricane can occur. The hurricanes function by drawing warm ocean air up through the eye of the hurricane. This is a convection process with hot air that is less dense rising. Current hurricane control methods try to disrupt this convection process.

Cloud seeding is done in order to increase precipitation by introducing small particles of various chemicals into the atmosphere from the ground or by air. These particles are introduced to the eyewall of the hurricane to disrupt the upward flow of moist air. Another method proposed is to cool the waters of the sea where hurricanes are most likely to develop long vertical tubes. These wave actuated pumps would bring warm surface water to the bottom and force cool up water. Again this could disrupt the convection procedure. Giant sized fans have even been suggested to blow off the hurricane back to the Atlantic ocean. Animated”cartoon like” processes, even though well meaning, don’t work for the following reasons. The huge size and power of a hurricane make these type of schemes unlikely to work. Info from the NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meterological Laboratory gives some insight into the power of a hurricane.

The heat energy in this hurricane eye was”5000 times” the heat and electrical power generation of the Turkey Point nuclear power plant over which the eye past. The kinetic energy of the wind at any moment was comparable to that released by a nuclear warhead. A realistic hurricane control system would have to be prepared to go into surgery within 1 day. Only about 10% of the tropical systems that form develop into hurricanes. Trying to attack them early would be a wasted effort. The hurricane control system should be able to be put into operation once the hurricane is at least a class 1 and is going toward a populated area.

I’m proposing a modification of a rather popular and tested way of decreasing a hurricanes destructive power. The method I am referring to is Space Solar Power. Solar panels in earth orbit can convert solar power into a microwave beam. This microwave beam can then be aimed at a hurricane eyewall to heat it and interfere with all the hurricanes convection process. A government project named HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has shown that microwave energy can be directed at the ionosphere and heat it.

Space solar power projects to control hurricanes involve launching a satellite into orbit. Until this method is totally proven. A more economical approach would be to save the price of the launch and the satellite and mount the microwave equipment on a boat. This ship could be under the oversight of a state authorities and called into service by the governor of a potentially affected state. The boat could return from the hurricane eyewall and target its own microwave antennas at a 45 degree or lesser angle. This ship could be called into action within 4 hours notice. If this program works another boat can be built and sold to another state or foreign country for a gain.

Current weather trends make this plan more likely to be effective. An NOAA research study has found that Global Warming has made hurricanes worldwide move slower and remain over of populated regions longer. There by causing more damage and increasing the likelihood of flooding in the area the hurricane is hovering over. Some thing should be done to try to minimize the effect of hurricanes.

Hurricanes cause damage each year and a system ought to be built to restrain or weaken there affect.

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